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Writing challenge

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I grew up with a lack of affection from my parents and held so much burden to be a responsible first-born in my family. I used to live in constant fear and anxiety.

My parents were busy with their work, and had unsettled emotional burden with their family…


When I first knew you several years back, I always felt you were an interesting person to be around. Meticulous, smart, arranged, and all the…

Writing Challenge

I am curious about happiness so often.
What will happen when I am happy? How is the feeling of long-term happiness? What is the prescription of happiness? Will I be happy when I have a lot of friends, money, or achievements?

What is happiness?

Being an adult now, I realized that…

I started to write in English probably just 3 years ago in 2017 when I tried to apply for student opportunities at the international level. I remember that it took me days and weeks to prepare all the required documents. One year later, I secured a job in a multi-cultural…

Coral Flowers

A girl who loves the sky, still struggling to understand the world and how to live each day joyfully

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