A confused girl wading through life

  • Writing challenge

I am boring and (still) an immature person. There are many things I have not decided yet about in life. A lot of them are deemed necessary to be an adult.

  1. I believe in the Almighty and I adore the beauty of science and its logical explanation at the same time.
  2. I can say I am a feminist, while I do believe in the man’s utmost right to break through the toxic masculinity culture.
  3. I love reading academic journals, yet I spend most of my time thinking about practical ideas as well.
  4. I agree with the capitalist principle to increase business efficiency, and also believe that equality and sustainability should be the other main principles considered during the process.

When people can seem to decide their place among those conflicting ideas, sometimes with a black and white clarity, I often see them as grey areas. For me, they don’t appear to be polar opposite situations which I have to choose one side and leave the other. With careful and well-thought planning, I don’t see the need to totally neglect one side for the sake of the other. Sure, there will be some trade-offs and compromises made in the process, but it should not be a totally impossible thing to do.

I believe that our personality is the result of a complex interaction between ourselves and other people in the surrounding environment. Over time, I met people with different backgrounds, unique stories, and often contrasting personalities. I am thankful that instead of forcing their own perspective, they teach me the framework to think and decide. I suppose those experiences deserve the credit to build the thought process and mindset that I am having now. To see things from multiple perspectives, look far, and observe beyond what’s visible.

At times, these observant and thinker habits make me appear indecisive, and slow to act. It also hinders me to connect with other people who often fail to see the subtle aspects I am considering in certain problems. I am still learning to understand myself and try to manage it as an asset, for it does not turn to be a liability.